About Us

Deja Vu, located in Old Town Warrenton, Virginia, offers brand name consignment & vintage clothing for women and men. Since opening in [year], we have offered the best in “like new” quality clothing, shoes and accessories at affordable prices.

  • Our shoppers enjoy a carefully curated selection of high quality, brand name clothing, shoes and accessories at [40%-80%] off retail prices.
  • Our consignors enjoy an easy, convenient way to receive top dollar for quality, gently used clothing, shoes and accessories.

Deja Vu is owned by Sandra Packwood, a personal clothing stylist who has dressed models for several regional publications. She has a gift for remembering a person’s particular style, and helping them find the perfect outfit.

“Do you… Deja Vu?”


Follow your heart, Live that dream

The defining moment when I knew fashion was part of my life came when I was 14. My parents had had a huge fight. To release the angst created by my parents’ arguments, I grabbed a pair of scissors and the items I’d raided from my grandmother’s closet the week before. A normal teen may have simply sought to destroy, but I chose to create.

I created the perfect outfit. A royal blue lace and satin nightgown was turned into the perfect tank top. Jeans, Doc Martins, and a leather jacket finished the ensemble.

My father didn’t agree. Things like, “You can’t go on the street like that”…and other things flew from his mouth. I did anyway.

A week later my mom came home with the newest edition of Vogue. The feature: new trend – how to wear lace and satin during daytime. Boasting things like how to be your own rockstar like Madonna or Cyndi Lauper.

They stole my look!!

During the following stance at college for an arts degree, I interned in theaters and for a year at a department store as a window designer. My passion for fashion inspired me to go beyond, to learn more: the trade, the craftsmanship, material and design.

I didn’t want to be a seamstress. I went to be a milliner, following the footsteps of CoCo Chanel. Surprisingly, my dad actually came up with this. I was incredibly lucky to spend almost 3 years in a studio and atelier setting in Munich while receiving in depth knowledge in trade school. Fashion history, material and all the background you can ask for.

My boss at the atelier designed her own line and also designed all hats for ESCADA for more than a decade. Not only did I get to see behind the curtain, as part of the team I was involved in everything across initial design, prototypes, runway selection, runway, pre-selection, catalog and production worldwide. Even better was the work we did for Paris; long days, sleepless nights, over-caffeinated but so excited when the box left the building, taking our creations directly to Montana, Cloe, KL for Chanel and other top clothiers.

A few years later, with another college degree and a toddler in tow, I followed my then husband to a new shore across the Atlantic where he began working at The Inn at Little Washington. We added two more children and a dog to our family. I worked at the Inn as well, on and off, making custom curtains, bedspreads, and pillows for Chef Patrick O’Connell’s impeccable vision.

After years of being asked by friends where I got my outfits, I began to envision opening a consignment store. While the majority of my clothes came from thrift shops, I realized most of my friends didn’t enjoy spending the time searching for that pearl in the ocean. So I decided to make it easier for them and pre-select. I sat on that idea for two years.

After a tour of thrift stores and dinner at a Chinese restaurant with a girlfriend, a business plan came to life on a napkin. Six weeks later I had an official business partner, a location, and a name: DeJaVu. Allison left two years into our endeavor to spend more time with her family. I’m forever grateful for her friendship, love, and support. She taught me to eat that frog and to keep on smiling. There are many, many humans out there I’m grateful for and their hard work, support, and endless love. My family, my kids, and my friends.

I’mespecially thankful for those fabulous ladies who answered an ad in the newspaper and entrusted two ladies with a storefront, a folding table and phone with their gently worn, greatly loved clothing. You gave me my livelihood and my dream, and over the years you have become my family.

Follow your heart.

Live that dream.

~ Sandra